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Most, if not all, of your clients want to stay in touch with their families or workplace while traveling. They want to seamlessly check emails and Facebook or call if necessary, especially if they’re visiting a troubled part of the world. And, of course, they don’t want to pay exorbitant prices.

Enter Wireless Traveler, a company that helps you help your clients stay online. It actively works with agents, offering a variety of tools and services at discounted rates – and yes, they pay commissions.

In fact, it has special arrangements with many consortia, including, TRAVELSAVERS, NEST, Ensemble, Signature and Travel Leaders. “We treat agents special and pay commissions – on average 10 percent on sales and rentals, and 8 percent on calling and data,” said Brenda Benson, senior vice president of marketing for Wireless Traveler.

The company’s tools – including a pocket Wi-Fi device and a calling app – can be offered to all clients as rentals or outright purchases. Some agents buy the pocket Wi-Fi devices themselves and customize them with their agency logos to give as client gifts. “What they will do is take this device and gift it to someone who booked a cruise instead of [giving the client] a bottle of wine or chocolate,” Benson said.

The device is slightly larger than a credit card and gives the user a secure connection in places with weak signals. It also works in areas where connections are clogged with users, such as packed convention halls, hotels and airports. “In a challenging country like Vietnam or Thailand, we can help by going into a portal and assisting instantaneously, in real ti me,” said Benson.

The devices can be rented for as little as $20 for up to seven days. Data plans start at $15 for 100MB. A Wi-Fi device can be purchased for $159. (Costs are often discounted for travel agents, depending on the arrangements with their consortium.)

The Wireless Traveler Wi-Fi Calling App can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Google Play app stores, and clients pay in advance for air ti me good for up to 12 months. “The way it’s different from Skype is that you can call any phone and the other phone doesn’t have to have the app. It can be a landline, cell phone, office phone, anything. The app comes with a real-live telephone number, so you can receive calls and get voicemail,” said Benson.

Wireless Traveler even rents satellite phones that can be used during a safari in Africa or in Antarctica. “We run a turn-key service, so if agents tell us where their clients are going and what is it they need, we can deliver [it] to their homes,” Benson said.

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